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Pest Control - Chitham - David Bruce Pest Control

Domestic Pest Control


0333 772 0804 - At YOUR LOCAL RATE

You have clicked on my site and thank you.  You may be wanting to get rid of unwanted visitors and for that, you have landed in the right place.  You perhaps are seeking a THOROUGH and DETERMINED approach that WORKS.

I do guarantee that my Pest Control works, and I have not had an incidence of RATS or MICE or COCKROACH or BED BUGS or FLEAS or WASPS, where the job has failed to achieve elimination; excepting where a customer has not carried out easy to understand complimentary  recommendations (such as not vacuuming floors in the case of flea). Focus is upon SUCCESS and SAFETY and getting the job done without fuss and inconvenience.

You will find me polite and accommodating; I hate to come twice when 1 visit should see the job done i.e. Wasps. Similarly, I hate to come out more than twice, if 2 visits should suffice  i.e. Rats/Mice.

Wasp elimination is between £45 and £65, depending on where you live.

I am B.P.C.A. Registered, and as such, adhere to industry benchmark Standards and Conduct.  I am FULLY insured.  My van is not sign-written.  I am 60 years old, fully experienced.

I carry out all pest control personally. 


Rats - Chitham - David Bruce Pest Control


As you may imagine, Mice or Rats causing a problem externally, are commonly easier to deal with.  Rats or Mice indoors, is not rocket-science, but it is important that I carefully identify how they are getting in, since without that information, future problems may occur, via the same route.  Can probable or definite ingress points always be identified ?  Yes, 98% of the time.

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Fleas - Chitham - David Bruce Pest Control


Flea treatment is A SINGLE treatment, 1 treatment.  If anyone tells you differently, they are wrong.  It is a residual spray treatment.

Wasps - Chitham - David Bruce Pest Control


I have the equipment to reach 10m height (35 ft), and higher (possibly quite a lot higher depending on individual circumstance). Wasp nests may be in hedges and bushes, sheds, in the ground, on roofs and chimneys, in lofts .. etc.  Price £45 to £65, depending on where you live.

T: 0333 772 0804 - At YOUR LOCAL RATE

M: 07958 611 580

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